Wine and food itineraries

Safeguarding Gallura’s cuisine involves the entire territory, leading to the invention of the “Strada del gusto nord Sardegna” brand, which enables operators in the area to disclose its culinary traditions based on the use of simple and natural ingredients.


GPS coordinates
41.0783, 9.11322

Depart from Aglientu, a small town just ten minutes away from the Camping Village in the middle of Gallura Northwest, to begin the tour of 3 main towns and discover the delicacies of this land. At Aglientu you are recommended to taste the “carr, cogghju and fodda” dish based on pork and cabbage, served especially during the feast of Saint Paul of Lu Laldu. Lovers of sweets, can enjoy the typical hand-made gallurese and seadas in this area, seasoned with strawberry tree honey.

Santa Teresa di Gallura

GPS coordinates
41.2398, 9.18878

Drive for about 30 minutes, toward the northern tip of Gallura, get to Santa Teresa di Gallura and try the fresh fish dishes, then end with the typical canestra dessert.


GPS coordinates
41.1779, 9.38406

Continue your journey to discover the tastes and flavours of Gallura heading toward the centre of Palau. You can enjoy fish dishes with sweet and sour tastes and spices in this ancient city, but do not forget to taste the cheese and vegetables.

La Maddalena

GPS coordinates
41.2135, 9.40556

Those who want to continue, can take a ferry from Palau and reach the island of La Maddalena. One of the most famous dishes here is Ziminu, a soup made with fish broth, or try our fresh seafood, various typical first course dishes of mussels, clams, squid, shrimps, crustaceans and seafood, mullet roe or tuna pasta, sea bass boar or swordfish carpaccio and the famous fregola, typical Sardinian pasta.