You will become a sea expert thanks to the Diving Centre in the Camping Village Baia Blu La Tortuga. Diving introduction courses made available to adults and children from 8 years, will give you the opportunity to learn the main techniques to deal with an underwater approach as a beginner. Diving courses and packages for beginners and experts are also offered.
The colours of the waters in this area of Sardinia and its fauna, will give you the unique possibility to dive and to explore an underwater landscape that will surprise you. If you want to feel this emotion, do not forget to bring your diving suit.
Children from 10 years on, can follow apnea courses and explore the waters of the nearby Camping Village beach up to 2 meters deep but also that of the National Park of La Maddalena. Children from the age of 15, instead, can dive down to 8 meters; both groups, will receive the international PADI / ESA / SSI patents at the end of the courses.